Spring 2012


Fence completed!

Omaha has a shorebird sanctuary. Yes, the pest proof fence at North Omaha Reserve is complete. It is just in time for the start of the nesting season, August to February, when the dotterels and oystercatchers are most vulnerable to predation and disturbance. 10-15 NZ dotterel pairs are preparing to nest. With the protection of the fence and your assistance, it is hoped that this will be a successful breeding season.

Residents and visitors are encouraged to visit the Reserve to enjoy seeing these endangered birds. You can help prevent disturbance by keeping out of the taped-off nesting areas, staying below the high tide line where possible and moving away quickly if birds show distress. Please do not linger as dotterel chicks are not fed by parent birds and need access to the shore for food. Please help pick up litter. Birds get caught in discarded fishing line and bait left behind by fishers attracts predators.

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